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Buggy Tires "Crossbows", Yellow Compound

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2 pieces tires for 1/8 buggies "Crossbows" with preassembled medium molded inserts. Yellow compound (medium).

Crossbows are a world leading tire combination right out of the package, the unique Crossbow lug technology allow the flexibility necessary to compete on even the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time.

Crossbows rectangular lug design provides massive amounts of forward bite while maintaining a consistent contact patch for excellent wear characteristics. The center lugs include in-between half-height lugs which provide a “fresh” edge in long mains or continuous racing. JConcepts Racing Tires are good to the last drop as the design allows for even wear all the way down to the tire body.

Manufacturer: JConcepts (303200), width: 43 mm, inside diameter: 81 mm (3.2"), outside diameter: 111 mm

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