Instruction: How to apply decals inside lexan bodies

When planning the paint scheme, keep in mind that the decals are semi-transparent and therefore darker backing colors may show through. Lighter colors work better.

Wash your body shell thoroughly (under flowing water with soap sup or rinsing agent).

Trim off the extra art paper. Larger areas may crack in certain climates - to assure best results with huge transfers, fly cut a couple of relief lines along existing lines. Examples - along the line of a panthers spine, the edge of a stripe in a flag, places where a crack would be overlooked.

Peel off Protective Sheet & lay the graphics so the design is facing out the body (or window).

Blot the back of the applique with a soaking wet rag or sponge, pressing firmly into place for about 20 seconds. Let damp transfer sit in place for an additional 30 seconds prior to peeling.

Peel Off slowly, if it starts to flake, add more water, pressure and time.

Prior to painting, rinse all applied transfers under gently running water. You can even gently wipe the back of the transfer (be very gentle) with the wet raq to help remove extra adhesive.

Let dry completely (bone dry), then paint.