Instruction: How to apply decals on lexan bodies

Against stickers decals must be made wet to activate the adhesive film before applying them on the body.

Cut the desired image from the decal sheet with a pair of sciccors or a sharp knife. Now the decal must be dampened approx. 30 seconds so it can be shifted on the carrier. Helpful ist a tissue of paper or cotton moistened with warm water.

For large decals, mix a solution of 1 drop of dish soap to one cup of water, spray or dip the back of the decal with the solution, then apply. The solution allows you to move the decal around while still keeping the integrity of the adhesive.

The body should be free of dirt and fat.

Take a knife and stick the wet decal to the tip of it and place your decal on the body, removing all air bubbles with your fingers or a cotton bud.

If you hold up the RC body and see a couple air bubbles, take the needle and pierce one hole per bubble and work out the air with your credit card.

Squeegee out the excess moisture and let dry. After the decal is dry, if there are a couple air pockets, pierce them with the needle and work them out with your credit card.